Battle Of Trenton

                                 It happened  in new Jersey Dec. 26 1776 . the reason it should be remembered is because general Washington led his army across the cold frozen Delaware river to defeat the hessian mercenaries . The commanders of the two sides were general Washington and Johann Rall. Washington took his troops across the Delaware river and then attacked the hessian people.The American won the battle.

Patriat Poem

In the early 1776 he raised a provincial artillery company

In 1773 he studied with Francis Barber

in 1775 he joined a militia company

in 1768 Hamilton orphaned

Alexander Hamilton

In 1774 speeches and meetings

In 1777 participated in battle of Princeton

In 1781 Washington assigned him commander of New York

In 1771 left  in charge of furn weal owner at sea   Palybill


My restitution for 2017 is to work out more.Also I want to spend more time with my entire family.I also want to play with my dogs   more because they are always bored.In 2017 I am going some ware  special in the summer.I also want to make a good grade on the STAR test.I also want to do good in school.I also want my parents to take me some ware I always wanted to go.I want to make breakfast for my parents.I also want to go to Yellow Stone National Park.I also want to keep my room clean.I hope I get to do all the things I want to do.            

Remberance Day

I learned that the world war II had been raging in Europe and Asia for two years.When they attacked it was a shock .Pearl Harbor was located in Hawaii .The US declared a war the next lasted for two hours .thay attacked us so we would not attack them

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