My Fifth Grade Year

Well it was a great year I love all the things that we do.I know that I am going to miss fifth grade.But i still can’t wait till 6th grade I know that it will be a blast i am so happy.The things that we did that I love is that we did the pashin projects they where fun.Also I love the states tests they where hard but fun.I also want to mention the letters to our older self.Also the math stations.And last but not least the decades. I will miss fifth grade.I hope I get to see my teachers  again.

New School Bad People

It was the first day of school.I was walking in.I was sweaty. My neck was tight and I walked in the gym at my new school at LIHN. I was nervous that I wasn’t going to get any friends. I saw this little girl she,looked nice she was nice we talked for a long time .Then the bell rang we went to class together,We played together ,and we even ate lunch together.Then it happened  A big girl came. She looked like a skyscraper or the leaning tower of pisa.She leaned to me and called me names . She did it for three years straight. She called me names like midget, Tiny, and even smalls I told the teacher but she didn’t do any thing about it .I was mad and melencholy I had fury .Then I moved to white oak .I was  very,very happy.But I still never forgot that at stations she knocked down my tower and hit me in front of the teacher.

Child Labor

In the beginning it had three girls and they worked in a factory .Then smoke was coming then the factory lit on fire and the girls where on the eighth floor all the other girls where on fire or jumped off the building .Also there was a story about children that worked in places where they made fabric. Some even got their hand or leg cut off working their .The girls had to fix the strings and the boys had to keep it ruining.The last thing is that kids worked in mines and they had to get Cole and if you weren’t careful you would fall into the Cole pit and die.I think that this is a bad way to treat children and i am grateful that things have changed .Also they where putting kids life in danger and they thought nothing of it all they cared about was their money.

War Of 1812

.W-War between the united states and Great Britain.
.A-Attacked Columbia in February 18,1812.                                                        R-Ratified the treaty on February 18,1812.

O-outnumbered British army in the war but the British where good fighters.                                                                                                                                       F-French colonies where being trade with to be in an alliance with other country’s.

1-1812 is when it happened.                                                                                         8-8th of January 1815 the treaty  of  Ghent had already been sighed on the last battle.                                                                                                                   1-1814 august the nations capital Washington d.c. was burned.             2-25 hours of bombing that fort McHennry withstood by the British navy.



Battle Of Trenton

                                 It happened  in new Jersey Dec. 26 1776 . the reason it should be remembered is because general Washington led his army across the cold frozen Delaware river to defeat the hessian mercenaries . The commanders of the two sides were general Washington and Johann Rall. Washington took his troops across the Delaware river and then attacked the hessian people.The American won the battle.

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